This page last modified on April 30, 2014


The united Association of Plumbers & Pipefitters Local #145 was chartered in 1937.  For over 70 years we have been protecting the health of our nation through our Plumbing, Pipefitting, and HVAC Service work.  Our contractors employ the members of Local #145 in many construction industries.  We work in the Heavy Industrial, Commercial, and Residential sectors. 

Local #145 is extremely proud to be a productive member of Western Colorado and the Grand Junction business community. Our jurisdiction is from the middle of the Rocky Mountains at Vail, to the Utah border, and we proudly serve all areas. Since our inception, we have taken an active role in the welfare of our community, as well as all of the communities in our jurisdiction, and will continue to play an even bigger role as our community continues to thrive in our great state of Colorado.

UA Local #145 has a Job Line!

If you are a member on the Out of Work List, or are interested in seeing what manpower calls Local #145 is trying to fill, call 970-254-0145 for our job line.

Manpower calls are updated as they come in from our contractors, and messages indicating interest can be left on the job line, or you can call the Hall at 970-245-2012 and leave a message/speak with staff.  You can also present yourself at the Hall the next business day.

If there are multiple parties interested in a job call, we will go in order of member placement on the Out of Work list, then in order of messages left, then in order of appearance at the Hall.

Travelers are welcome to use the Job Line as well.